Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer's End

The wonderful summer is coming to an end. I can tell things are changing fast. My garden flowers are wilting ...quickly. They grew so beautifully this year, healthy despite the drought. I am looking forward to the Fall even though I will miss the Summer. I enjoy Fall weather and the change of the season.

What am I working on these days?
Well, I managed to be productive this summer. I am in the completion mode - complete the plethora of UFOs I have sitting in my sewing room. I mean really complete, i.e. piece, sash, and quilt. So far I have been able to complete seven tops and I actually fully completed one quilt for my friend's granddaughter. It's a sweet little ditty. I think she will like it. I started making Phoenix's quilt when she was born and she will be two years in November. OK, so I am a little backed up.
I have at least four more tops to complete. Then, I will start quilting. My goal is to have all UFOs completed before the end of the year. No, I am not ambitious. I just want to get all the incomplete projects out of my sewing room.
What will I do with the quilts when completed? Do I hear holiday gifts for family members - a likely possibility.
I began teaching a beginner quilting class last week. I have three fabulous eager students. Alas, the Fall is really here. I am focused on completing quilting projects, started my beginner Fall quilting class and I am not lounging around. I think Summer's End has come.
This is Phoenix's quilt.


aisha said...

Your blogspot is really great.


Karmen said...

I love your colors!