Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer's End

The wonderful summer is coming to an end. I can tell things are changing fast. My garden flowers are wilting ...quickly. They grew so beautifully this year, healthy despite the drought. I am looking forward to the Fall even though I will miss the Summer. I enjoy Fall weather and the change of the season.

What am I working on these days?
Well, I managed to be productive this summer. I am in the completion mode - complete the plethora of UFOs I have sitting in my sewing room. I mean really complete, i.e. piece, sash, and quilt. So far I have been able to complete seven tops and I actually fully completed one quilt for my friend's granddaughter. It's a sweet little ditty. I think she will like it. I started making Phoenix's quilt when she was born and she will be two years in November. OK, so I am a little backed up.
I have at least four more tops to complete. Then, I will start quilting. My goal is to have all UFOs completed before the end of the year. No, I am not ambitious. I just want to get all the incomplete projects out of my sewing room.
What will I do with the quilts when completed? Do I hear holiday gifts for family members - a likely possibility.
I began teaching a beginner quilting class last week. I have three fabulous eager students. Alas, the Fall is really here. I am focused on completing quilting projects, started my beginner Fall quilting class and I am not lounging around. I think Summer's End has come.
This is Phoenix's quilt.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My New Website - It is Finally Published

My new website is finally published. It is a very great month for Aunt Be Quilts. We have been working on this website for approximately six months. It takes time to get things done well. We are located at:

My logo is also established. From now on Aunt Be Quilts will be identified by the following logo. Its a marvelous painting called The Quilt Lesson. It was painted by Margaret Warfield, a local Atlanta artist. She is world renown for her very colorful and passionate works. Her website is Take a look at her work. You will be impressed.

It's July in Atlanta. That means - National Black Arts Festival, This is the 20th year of the festival - a real mildstone for the NBAF. The festival has gone national in so many ways. The growth is very phenomenol. This is really one time where Artists can come together and tell, show, sell, and view the artistry of other African American Artists in one collective. The festival ignites creativity in the artists and they come to Atlanta with their very best merchandise and artwork. Great shopping and great buys.

I am organizing a mini quilt exhibit of quilts made by former members of my classes. They were first time quilts. I will also exhibit three quilts made by elementary school aged students. It was also their first time out of the gate. They made quilts depicting their interpretation of the African Diaspora. The quilts are really good and engaging. I recieved quilts from the first, fourth and fifth grade classes. Kudos to them.

I am looking forward to hearing your feedback about my website.

Visit my store:

Send me an email:

Have a great Summer.....

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I love the spring! I get so inspired. It's new life, new beginnings and renewal of some old stuff also. I have really been busy this spring - quilting that is. I have been inspired by the renewal of life and what that all means. I made this quilt to depict that inspiration. Unfortunately, as quickly as I created this piece, it left the nest. Isn't new life like that. We create - and then we pray that what we create goes into the world to be of benefit. Where did this new piece (child) of mine go? Well, of course, off to inspire the world - auctioned at the Clark Atlanta University Jazz Festival fund raiser.
Title: New Life, 2008
Designed, Appliqued, Pieced and Quilted

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine Day

Hope your Month is filled with lots of love and affection.

My new quilt this month was a heart quilt for Valentine's Day. I plan to add to as soon....................

Have a great one!