Saturday, July 26, 2008

My New Website - It is Finally Published

My new website is finally published. It is a very great month for Aunt Be Quilts. We have been working on this website for approximately six months. It takes time to get things done well. We are located at:

My logo is also established. From now on Aunt Be Quilts will be identified by the following logo. Its a marvelous painting called The Quilt Lesson. It was painted by Margaret Warfield, a local Atlanta artist. She is world renown for her very colorful and passionate works. Her website is Take a look at her work. You will be impressed.

It's July in Atlanta. That means - National Black Arts Festival, This is the 20th year of the festival - a real mildstone for the NBAF. The festival has gone national in so many ways. The growth is very phenomenol. This is really one time where Artists can come together and tell, show, sell, and view the artistry of other African American Artists in one collective. The festival ignites creativity in the artists and they come to Atlanta with their very best merchandise and artwork. Great shopping and great buys.

I am organizing a mini quilt exhibit of quilts made by former members of my classes. They were first time quilts. I will also exhibit three quilts made by elementary school aged students. It was also their first time out of the gate. They made quilts depicting their interpretation of the African Diaspora. The quilts are really good and engaging. I recieved quilts from the first, fourth and fifth grade classes. Kudos to them.

I am looking forward to hearing your feedback about my website.

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Have a great Summer.....