Thursday, November 8, 2007

Houston International Quilt Festival

I recently attended the International Quilt Festival in Houston TX. What phenomenol quilters! It was an experience of a lifetime. When you have a moment, log onto to look at the collection of quilts submitted and the winners selected.

What Am I Working on: I am working on a series of small quilts that I call my Country Collection. These quilts are derived from my memories (albeit a little scewed now) of when I was a young girl. Some of the quilt images are "snapshots" in time from my memory and some of the quilt images will be of actual experiences that I shared with my family. I am really excited about producing this body of work.
An Hour A Day: I would like to say that I have stuck to my desire of stealing away an hour a day to quilt. In this hour, I decided to work on my Blog and Website. But alas, life demands some attention. Like right now, the doorbell is ringing. Gotta go!
Country Collection: Old Home House, 2007

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